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War Games
Military Rescue
The year is 1945 and the war is slowly coming to a close. Victory is almost assured as the allied forces invade the few remaining Nazi territories when suddenly, military intelligence picks up a new weapon of mass destruction being produced by the Nazis.
Warfare 1944
Anyone who wants to play a polished historical strategy game that requires a good measure of thought will be happy playing Warfare 1944, the sequel of the highly rated and popular Warfare 1917. Like its predecessor was, this game is based on historical facts; however this time around, the missions revolve around WWII conflicts.
A challenging sniper war game, where the aim is stop the onslaught of enemies trying to reach the base on the right. You will face various types of enemy, including regular infantry, mobile light artillary, and heavy tanks. Stop them at all costs
Are you a true warrior? Do you feel like fighting hordes of monsters, robots and vicious armies, while trying to make the world a safe place… as well as releasing a bit of stress? If so, Intrusion is the right game for you. This fast paced 2D side-scrolling shooter is quite impressive by flash game standards.
Indestructotank AE
This is the 3rd installment in the series of Indestructotank. Once again you must take control of a tank, using it as a missile to destroy the waves of enemy. As you destroy them you can gain combos and experience points. With enough experience, you’re able to buy more enemy ships to help you gain combos.
Warlords: Call to Arms
Warlords: Call to Arms in a fun strategy war game, where you must produce military units with the idea of defeating your opponents army who are advancing from the other side. The game can be played using a campaign mode or a 2 player battle mode, where each player can play using a different set of keys.
Shadez, The Black Operations is a fast paced military combat game where you take command of highly trained black ops troops in order to stop a massive invasion from enemy foes. You will have under your control highly skilled infantry, tanks, choppers, and will have the ability to call missile strikes with the click of a button.
Battalion Nemesis
Battalion Nemesis is a nicely polished online strategy game, with turn based game play. You must use your mouse to move your units, to attack the computer player. The game uses a Rock / Paper /Scissors type of game play for the combat, with each unit being superior to something, but inferior to another.

Welcome to free online war games where you can can a range of different types of war games. The games include strategy games like Shadez, platformers such as Urband Specialist, frantic top down shoot 'em up games suxh as Zombie wars and skills games like Crush the castle to. Only the best games are chosen for this website, so go ahead and try a few out. You will not be disappointed!

Ragdoll Parashooter
War Games
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