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Battalion Nemesis
Battalion Nemesis is episode one in this popular series of games. It's is a nicely polished online strategy game, with turn based game play. In the game you are put in command of the Rapid Attack and Response unit who are commanded by Sergeant Tucker. You must battle against Mullen in an exciting campaign consisting of 10 levels. At the start you will be displayed with 4 menu items which are Boot Camp, Campaign, Options and Bonus Map. Boot Camp is recommended to those of you who are new to the game, as it will explain basic game play, the aim of the game and what each of the military units do. It will also advise on various tactical moves that you can play in a given situation.

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Basically to play, use your mouse to move your units, to attack the computer player. The game uses a Rock / Paper /Scissors type of game play for the combat, with each unit being superior to something, but inferior to another. The units available through Battalion Nemesis include Heavy Commandos and Strike Commandos. Strike Commandos are more effective against light armour units like Commandos and trucks.

In later levels you can take over buildings, to create extra units, and secret levels will also be revealed to you as you complete various tasks. It becomes more of a challenge as the computer player has more units, is more intelligent, and the maps are larger. Overall Battalion Nemesis is an enjoyable online war game. If you like turn based war games, you might also be interested in Battalion Ghosts which is episode 2 of the Battalion series, or Battalion Vengeance which is episode 3 

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