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Military Rescue
Military Rescue is side view platformer style war game. When the game first starts you wouldn't think so though because, as in introduction you must man a powerful machine gun which is mounted on top of a moving truck. As paratroopers rain down and helicopters hover around firing at you, you must aim to shoot them down. You move the gun from left to right, but the controls take a bit of getting used to because left actually turns the gun right and vice versa. But when this level is over, the platformer is revealed. You must advance from left to free free hostages, while engaging with enemy soldiers. You will also have to combat dangerous land mines and more units falling from the sky suck as large rockets.
W = Up D = Right L = Grenade
S = Down J = Shoot  
A = Left K = Jump  
You are also able to change the keyboard controls to whatever you like if the classic WASD doesn't suit your style of gaming.
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