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Warfare 1917
This is the first in the popular series, the 2nd of which is Warfare 1944. At the start you can choose between either the campaign mode or the a custom battle. Custom Battle allows to set-up a skirmish where you can choose to be either Britain or Germany. You're able select which units to make available from Riflemen, Assault team, Machine Gunner, Sniper, Officer and Tanks. Secondly you can decide the which Fire Support to include from Mortar, Artillery, Gas, and Anti-Tank. The difficulty can be set out of easy, medium and hard, and the map length from short, medium or long. You can adjust the AI setting to be defensive, aggressive or balanced. Lastly the number or trenches, wires and mines and be decided. As you can see the skirmish is highly customizable, making a wide range of battle possible.  

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