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The strategy games on this website split into two categories: real time and turn based. On this website a great example of a turned base game is Battalion Nemesis and the other games in the series. This game takes place on a small map where you have equal armed units to your enemy, including tanks, soldiers, RPG armed soldiers, and Surface to air missiles. Each unit has it's strengths and weaknesses, for example the Rocket propelled grenade soldiers Vs the Tanks. A great example of a Real Time Strategy game is Shadez 1 & 2. There really is no other game like it in the Flash gaming world. The graphics are distinct in that the military units are silhouettes against a colored backdrop. In this game you must create buildings including barracks and factories. These buildings allow you to train and build units, which you must send to defeat your enemy to the right of the map. The units you can build include various types of soldier, tank and helicopter. Some of the helicopters can transport the tanks and soldiers. The action in this is obviously more fast paced than Battalion Nemesis, but they are both equally fun war games.
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